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Moseley discussing his latest book on the air during the "Wake-Up Call" on WTLS

Moseley pens book on Atlanta Rhythm Section

By Michael Butler

Tallassee author Willie G. Moseley has completed his 13th book, "The Atlanta Rhythm Section - The Authorized History."

Moseley is now in his 30th year with Vintage Guitar Magazine, which led to the connection with ARS.

"The genesis for this book was one of their former roadies, which you now have to call a tech," Moseley quipped, "wanted the magazine to interview their former guitar player who is retired and now battling multiple sclerosis. He was a very innovative guitarist. The band is a very innovative band. I interviewed Barry Bailey and the other guitar player J.R. Cobb, who had been in the Classics IV and co-wrote, "Traces," "Stormy" and "Spooky."

"It kind of snowballed from there. Nobody had ever done a history of the Atlanta Rhythm Section. I just kept making other contacts, and it ultimately resulted in this book."

This is Moseley's first book about a musical act, although he's written hundreds of articles about artists in the music industry.

"I've done about a thousand interviews," he said. "During that time I've only been kicked out of one rock concert. Gene Simmons kicked me out of a KISS concert. The last photo I got was of a fat guy in a bat suit pointing right at me. This was at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center. The arrangement was that I could walk around the side of the stage if I had all access, which I did, and still take photos from the side. Simmons saw me taking photos from the side and had me thrown out."

Having the Atlanta Rhythm Section authorize Moseley's work was essential in bringing the project to fruition.

"I got them on board. I didn't want it to come across like some behind the scenes tabloid exposé."

Moseley spent about a year researching for the book.

"I went through and got every album that they recorded including one that was booked through Columbia that Columbia shelved and never released. They call it the CBS reject album. I've gotten all thumbs up from all of the band members. They're planning on selling the book at their concerts at the swag table next to the CDs, tee shirts and things."

The book is available through Amazon, Books-A-Million, Barnes and Noble, Walmart and Target.

"It's also in several different countries; England, Germany, Canada and even Australia," Moseley noted. "It premiered on Oct. 15. The reviews that I've seen are all positive."

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