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Bob Taunton addressing visitors during Saturday's ceremony

THPS buries time capsule

By Michael Butler

As part of Alabama's bicentennial celebration, the Talisi Historical Preservation Society (THPS) conducted a time capsule placement ceremony on Dec. 7 at City Hall.

"December 14, 1819 is the day of (statehood)," Tallassee mayor Johnny Hammock said. "This is my home."

THPS president Bob Taunton addressed the crowd on Saturday afternoon.

"The Alabama Historical Commission and mayor Hammock asked if we had any plans for a historical celebration. It took quite a bit of planning. It culminated with the time capsule. Inside the time capsule are some 45 containers from clubs, churches, civic clubs and indiduals who thought it worthwhile to preserve the history of Tallassee as it is today."

The capsule will remain buried on the grounds at City Hall for 100 years.

"We hope that 100 years from now," Taunton continued, "people will gather in this same spot to have the time capsule opened and get the messages from probably their great-grandfathers and grandmothers. We thank you all who participated in preparing that message."

Hammock added that he hoped to be around in 100 years when the capsule is unveiled.

"I hope that with steps forward in modern medicine that I'll be here. It'll put me at 145. Maybe some of our descendents will see what this town was like and learn a little bit about history."

THPS member Bob Reed added several to-be relics to the enclosure.

"We have a commemorative flag for the 200th anniversary of Alabama. Other people have put personal momentos in there. It's a hodgepodge of things," said Reed. "Mine had a whole bunch of pictures of Tallassee. I just rode through town and took pictures of the price of gas, a receipt from the grocery store, businesses, the dam (and) the bridge. I expect in a hundred years some of those things will still be around but some may be memories."