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Tallasseee in Pictures:
Tallassee High School

By Leigh Anne Butler

Tallassee High School sits prominently in the heart of Tallassee on Barnett Boulevard. When entering Tallassee it is one of the first things you see.  The building itself is a stately brick structure which demands your attention.  The spirit of Tallassee High School is just as impressive and warrants recognition as well. 

The first high school building was constructed in 1916 in approximately the same location as the present high school building.  It was a two-story, wood building with twelve rooms.

Virginia Golden states in her 1949 “A History of Tallassee,” When the 1916 schoolhouse was built many Tallassee citizens thought it a criminal extravagance because it was so large.  Yet a few years later, as school attendance grew, it became necessary to enlarge this building.”

Sadly only twelve years after its completion, it burned on Sunday morning, November 11, 1928.  School officials immediately contacted the State Board of Education to aid the system with plans to build a new school.  First United Methodist Church, located across the street from the school, was partitioned off to create temporary classrooms.  There were also several Tallassee residences that were used by the school until a new building could be constructed.

Just a few days shy of the one year anniversary of the school fire, the new high school building was ready for students.  On November 13, 1929 a dedication program was held where Dr. A.F. Harman, State Superintendent of Education, gave the main address.  The two days prior to the dedication service, the Tallassee community was allowed to tour and visit the new facility.

The new brick school was constructed at a cost of approximately $125,000 and contains twenty-five classrooms, several science laboratory classrooms, a library and an auditorium with a seating capacity of around 800.  The new school housed the elementary school students a in a separate wing.

On Friday evening, the class of 2017 will become the 87th class to graduate from the current high school building.

The 1916 Tallassee High School
Courtesy Virginia Noble Golden - "A History of Tallassee"

Tallassee High School during construction in 1929. The 1916 school burned in 1928.
Courtesy of Tallassee Board of Education, Bill Goss - "Images of America"

Tallassee High School on Nov. 13, 1929
Courtesy of Tallassee Board of Education, Bill Goss - "Images of America"

Tallassee High School on Barnett Boulevard

THS Class of 97 in the homecoming parade

1980 THS football team coached by Ronnie Baynes

Baynes as THS baseball coach

1984 Tallassee Tigers cheerleaders

1970 THS cheerleaders

Talla-Hi New staff, early 1970s

Band Director Edwin Watkins, circa 1980

Reunion of the Class of 1943

Tallassee High Class of 1949

Tallassee High Class of 1964

THS Dance Band in 1938
Courtesy of W. C. Bryant

1928 Yearbook

2011 Yearbook

Tallassee Tigers in 1983
Courtesy of Linda Vaught

1985 baseball team

The THS Auditorium is the setting for several community events including Missoula Children's Theatre

1964 debate team

1965 varsity basketball team
Courtesy of Roger Davidson

1947 Tigers
Courtesy of W. C. Bryant

2011 THS all-stars
Photo by Suzannah Solomon Wilson

1951 Boys/Girls State Representatives
Courtesy of W. C. Bryant

1959 D.O. Club
Courtesy of W. C. Bryant

2012 music department's "Spring Show" in the high school auditorium
Courtesy of Angel Miller

1985 Commencement program

2016 graduates

Hall of Pride inductions in 2015

1938-'39 band
Courtesy of W. C. Bryant

Tallassee 1921 football team photographed by Bilbrey Studio in front of the Bilbrey Jewelry Store
Courtesy of Bill Goss - "Images of America"

Class of 1966 at homecoming pep rally in 1985

2016 THS homecoming queen Emma Burnham with principal Matt Coker (left) and Toby Burnham

2015 photo of THS principal Matt Coker and the renovated Stumberg Gymnasium

1952 Debate Team
Courtesy of W. C. Bryant

Students in the library/study hall in 1929
Courtesy of Tallassee Board of Education, Bill Goss - "Images of America"

Autumn on the campus

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