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Pals Brandon and Jeri

Tallassee Squirrel Revival

By Georgia Anne Butler/Cub Reporter

12-year-old Brandon Clayton has taken on something that is not easy to do, taking care of a pet. 

But this is not your average pet. It’s a squirrel.

Brandon’s father, Keith, has a close friend who found the squirrel in the woods all by itself. He tried to get the squirrel to come to him, and believe it or not it did.

Knowing he could not take care of it, he brought it to Keith, who agreed to care for it until it could live on its own. 

When Brandon was shown the squirrel it was love at first sight. Brandon even picked its name. 

The two got very close, so much that “Jeri” liked to stay with Brandon and nobody else.

When it got to the point where they felt Jeri needed to leave and fend for herself, she wouldn’t leave Brandon’s side.

Brandon was told to put the squirrel in the tree himself. Even though Brandon did not want to, he did as he was told.

Jeri stayed in the tree for an hour or two then came back scrambling to Brandon paying no mind to the other family members.

Keith knew that they had gotten too close and it was going to be hard to get that squirrel to leave Brandon’s side.

Every time they attempted to put Jeri in the tree, she kept coming back to Brandon. Brandon didn’t want her to leave, but he knew he would have to let her go one day.

“I feel like I’m Jeri’s father; feeding her, caring for her and providing shelter,” Brandon stated. “I tried to hold on to her forever but, one day I came home to find her cage empty.

“I asked my dad where she was. He said she found a friend and ran into the woods near my house.”

Obviously, Brandon was upset to hear the news.

“When I found out Jeri ran away I was very disappointed, but the worst thing about it was I didn’t get to say goodbye.”

Brandon hopes that one day they will reunite.  Still, his month-long friendship with the furry critter will always be cherished.

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