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Amy (left) and Faye

Sisters reunited

By Michael Butler

Faye Bishop and Amy Stoudenmire are sisters but had not seen each other in 17 years. It was Amy's 38th birthday and she was about to get a surprise gift.

Faye flew to Villa Grove, Ill. where Amy resides. Amy had no idea she was coming.

"There are no words to describe it," Faye said. "It's something I've been waiting to do when I had the time and money."

Faye captured the moment and shared it on Facebook. Her daughter Annabel and son Tyson also made the trip.

The two sisters did not know each other coming up.

Annabell and Faye

"We have the same dad but different moms," Faye pointed out. "She was 18 and I was 23 when we first met."

Faye said the experience was like a "storybook" tale.

"It's like I stepped out of the storybook into reality. Neither one of us could believe that the dream was happening."

The reunion lasted eight days in Illinois.

"We really bonded. You would think not growing up together, we wouldn't know each other. It's amazing how much we are so alike. It's like we've always been together."

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