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Connor Worley
Photos by Kyle Thornton

Band adjusting to different kind of season

By Michael Butler

Friday night football has changed for 2020. The changes are not exclusive to the sidelines. It is evident throughout the stadium, not just with masked up fans either.

Bands are marching to a different beat this season too.

Protocols have varied for the "Pride of Tallassee." Each week there are different guidelines.

"It's been interesting," said THS band director Robby Glasscock. "We've not been in the band room yet. Every time we've rehearsed musically it's been in the auditorium or outside. It's been unusual. It took a little while to get used to."

The band has performed in lawn chairs and the normal bleacher seats. There has been a mixed bag on number of band performers from using just juniors and seniors to acquiring the full cast. For next week's trip to Talladega, the Tallassee High School marching band will be absent.

"Before the season even started, I got a phone call from the band director at Talladega. Since then, we have received a letter from the superintendent. They've asked the band to not come. There's not room. It's going to be only the second time I've not gone to a football game since I've been here. I want to make sure that people know that we're not going because we've been asked not to go."

Glasscock is in his 20th year at Tallassee, his 16th at the high school.

"As I've told the band, we're going to do everything that we can to make sure that we continue to have a season. As soon as one person gets it, it's going to shut us down probably."

The Pride of Tallassee consists of 85 members. 22 are seniors.

"We've been harping on the masks. We went with the Gaitor masks, so they can pull it down, play and pull it back up."