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Miller takes over rec director duties

By Michael Butler

She has been at the job for a few months now, so she has gotten her feet wet. Megan Miller took over as director of the Tallassee Recreation Department in the summer. She has been on staff for two years already.

"We've been super busy," Miller said. "We've had our Happy Feet program for two- and three-year-old soccer. Now we're getting ready for our actual soccer season."

The regular season for the older kids is a fall sport at the rec level. Miller said there are 187 signed up.

"Our community is a small community, but there are a lot of kids who want to play sports."

That is evident with good numbers in the other youth programs. Tee ball had 160 players. Basketball had 180 kids participating.

There are also programs offered for adults.

"Jamelle Jelks does cardio classes Monday through Thursday at 4:00 and 5:00," Miller said. "If you're interested, you can stop by and take a free class. If you like it, we'll work on getting you a membership."

There are different membership options for those interested.

"The rec membership is $25 per year. The weight room membership is $80 per year."

Memberships are annual, but Miller said the department is offering a special for new members.

"If you sign up now, your membership will be good through next year on the $80 membership."

Miller is making strides with a department of four, including herself, to make upgrades with facilities and fields.

"We are going to start working on fencing, light poles, wind screens, batting cages. There's a whole lot we're going to tackle. I want the facilities to look as nice as they can."

The city pool is on the list. The 1950s era structure has been closed for public swimming the past few years.

"We have it in the plans next year to offer swim lessons. Possibly, we'd like to open it up one day a week for open swim."

Miller is hopeful that additional services might be offered down the road.

"I would love to get a splash pad. That's down the list. Right now, our main focus is new lighting at our baseball and softball facilities. Hopefully later on we can look at redoing the rec center we have or getting a new rec center, maybe one day a new pool."

So far, so good for Miller. She likes being a part of moving Tallassee forward.

"I enjoy it. I've made so many connections and friends. It is nice to be out in the community. I love doing what I do."