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Tallasseee in Pictures:
The Little Things

By Leigh Anne Butler

There is something about a small town that feels special. Tallassee is no exception. There is an immense amount of history and hidden beauty in our little town, "The Treasure on the Tallapoosa."

In Tallassee, and really any community, many of the familiar little things that we see or pass on a daily basis become just that - familiar, causing us to go without noticing the beauty in them.

Tallassee has so much hidden beauty that deserves to be recognized. Many times people, including myself, tend to focus on the negative things - things that need to "fixed" or updated. My hope is that everyone will begin to embrace the hidden beauty in our great little city and realize how special it really is.

For the past year or so, I've taken photographs of things around town that caught my eye; architectural details of historic buildings, the beauty of our landscape or remnants of things from our city's past.

These are beautiful, little hidden gems that are right here waiting to be noticed.

Sliding Door at 1844 Confederate Armory on West Side Mill Grounds

Cattle on Highway 229 South of Tallassee

Wrought Iron Gate Detail at Roxy Gardens Downtown

Wildflowers Lilly Avenue

Horse near Reeves Airport

Paperwhites on Riverside Avenue

Moss-lined Trees Near the Benjamin Fitzpatrick Bridge

Spiderweb on a Dewey Morning at West Side Mills

Trestle Bridge on a Foggy Morning

Stone and Brick Work on West Side Mill Property

Front Column at Tallassee Church of Christ

Cotton Boll in Tukabatchee

Sistrunk/James Alley Downtown

Butterfly on Lantana in East Tallassee

Soybean Crops at Dusk in South Tallassee

Architectural Details on the Company Store Downtown

West Side Mill No. 1

Property between Tallassee and Ecletic

Old Water Tower Downtown

Bank of Tallassee Clock

Wisener Lane Off Rifle Range Road

Live Oak Trees at Seven Gables on Gilmer Avenue

Marsh Land on Rifle Range Road

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