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Love reaches out with writings

By Michael Butler

The late Susan Grooms had an impact on Andrus Love when he was a student in her English class at Reeltown High School.

"She was a good woman," Love said. "She had a creative writing class. That opened up my eyes into poetry. I've been writing poetry for over 20 years. It developed into a hobby, a form of expression. I give credit to Ms. Grooms for tapping into those resources."

Love has had two books published. "Try Me" is a collection of poems. "How to Manage Life with a New Perspective" is a self help book.

"My self help book is an eight-week guide to a healthier lifestyle," said Love.

Love said the book is for third graders to 100-year-olds, written to help the reader build confidence.

"You have people not feeling loved that are not confident in how they feel. There are people being bullied in social media. People can pick up the book and guide themselves into having self worth. Being able to say, I know I will be able to or I can, instead of having someone tell them they'll never amount to anything."

Love works with DHR in Macon County.

"God put me in a postition to be where I needed to be. It was a blessing," Love added. "I love serving people. Sometimes my clients are in (my office) for a specific thing, but they walk out learning something new. That's what makes me feel good."

To order Love's books, order online through Liberated Publishing:

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