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Williamson releases sequel to "Tallapoosa"

By Michael Butler

Tallassee author Larry Williamson has a new book, "Muskogi Sunset - The Second Creek War of 1836."

"The first book was "Tallapoosa" about the first Creek War," Williamson said. "This is the sequel about the second Creek War."

This book like its predecessor is historical fiction.

"It's an adaptation of the history with historical characters," Williamson noted. "You try to be true to the history as you interpret it. I invent fictional characters. Some are the same ones from "Tallapoosa.""

Putting the research together for "Muskogi Sunset" was quite time consuming.

"When I finished doing "Tallapoosa" I thought almost immediately that I needed to do a sequel. I wrote "Tallapoosa" in a year. This one, took about 15 years or so. In the meantime, I did the "Legend of the Tallassee Carbine." It's also historical fiction."

The process of penning a book is a passion for Williamson.

"When you get all your information together and get into a groove, that's when it's fun. When you run into roadblocks, that's not fun. That happened quite often, but it finally came together."

The book is available locally at the Tallassee Falls Museum or through Williamson directly. It is also for sale on Amazon.

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