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Hornsby setting up Alzheimer's support group

By Michael Butler

Alzheimer's is a dreadful disease that afflicts nearly 44 million people worldwide. There are 1-in-4 who have the disease but have not been diagnosed.

Jason Hornsby knows about Alzheimer's. His wife Debbie is one of about 5 million Americans with the disease.

"Back in 2011 or 2012, Debbie started having some problems with memory," he said. "We contributed it to her having a car wreck back in 2005 causing her to have a head injury. She had some short-term memory loss then."

Hornsby said that it was evident that something was wrong when the couple went on a mission trip in Ecuador.

"When we got out of the country and her normal rhythm, she couldn't function. We knew something was wrong."

After several tests, the Hornsbys learned of the Alzheimer's diagnosis in December of 2013.

"When you get that diagnosis it is heartbreaking. There's no cure. You can take medication that can slow down the progression," Hornsby added.

Dealing with such news was obviously difficult. Debbie was just 51 when she was diagnosed. Jason attended a support group at Frazer United Methodist Church in Montgomery.

"You have people that are going through the same problems that you are in different stages. You learn from them what to see next. "I said, 'This is something Tallassee needs.' I approached Derek Gentle and the deacons at First Baptist and got the ball rolling."

After posting on Facebook about starting an Alzheimer's/Dementia caregivers support group in Tallassee, Hornsby received an overwhelming response.

The first meeting will be on Aug. 1 from 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. at First Baptist Church on Friendship Road in Tallassee.

"Park around back," Hornsby noted. "We will have the Fireside Room. It will happen every first Monday of the month."

Call Hornsby for more information at 334-415-3016.

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