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Jerry Cunningham

Gimme 5 Awards this weekend

By Michael Butler

Before the fist bump, there was the high five. "Giving Five" has been a way of giving recognition and acceptance. This weekend's Gimme 5 Awards will do the same.

LD Bell of the Star Seeds organization is helping to coordinate the program on April 28 at 3:00 p.m. honoring the younger generation.

"Hannah Johnson came up with the name," Bell said. Johnson is the executive director at Mount Vernon Theatre, where the Sunday event will be hosted.

Johnson explained the concept of "Gimme 5."

"It's so important just giving kids five minutes and listening to them," she said. "We're honored to honor these kids."

Dozens of young athletes will be recognized for a variety of athletic and academic achievements that include attitude and service. Nominees were selected by coaches and faculty from local area schools.

"It's going to be an amazing time to put a spotlight on the kids for their accomplishments throughout the year," Bell added. "It's got a lot to do with character. Talent isn't everything. Talent will only get you so far. Leadership and dedication will take you all the way."

Bell said some sports will not be featured since the program is in its early stages but expects the full gamut of athletics to be a part of upcoming programs.

"Next year will be better," he said. "I thank the community for supporting the idea and thank God for giving us this vision."

The price of admission will be $5 per person.

Nominees (*Winners in Bold)

Wrestling: Mason Nelson, Land Bell, Jude Rogers, Walker Johnson, Barker Davis and Jace Nabors

Dancing: Caylie Brown, Cassie Grover, Auburn Weldon, Laci Hammonds, Caitlin Emfinger and Jacee Faulk

Youth Basketball: Jaiden Gordon, Aaliyah Humphery, Finn Henderson, Auburn Weldon, Arianna Daniels and Carter Pilgreen

Tallassee/Reeltown Youth Football: 5/6 - London Davis, ZyDarrien Jackson, Ajavier White and Health Sullivan; 7/8 - Brody Jones. Trey Smith, Brennen Hancock and Payton Thrower; 9/10 - Shelton Green, Hutson Lewis, Cason Kelley, Bru Milner and Jamarcus Smith; 11/12 - Josh Griffin, Land Bell, Joseph Hooks and Author Woods

Tallassee Youth Football Cheer: 5/6 - Emily Willmet, 7/8 - Evan Coburn, 9/10 - Ella Grace Manning, 11/12 - Katelyn Fussell

Reeltown Youth Football Cheer: 5/6 - Karyln Clark, 7/8 - Kiara Chappell, 9/10 - Briauna Butler, 11/12 - Alyssia Baird

Reeltown Elementary School: Service - QZarriah Riley, Tyler Crawford and Bethany Smith; Academic - Comer Smith, Tre’ Ross and Keira Hilyer

Reeltown High School: Leadership - Kenzie Gibson, Logan Lee, Bella Nonales, Cameron Wilson, Morgan Mcguire; Baseball - Reed Baker, Boys Basketball - KeKe Hughley and Chandler Grey; Football - Chandler Gray, Cam Faison, KeKe Hughley and Trey O’Neal; Softball - Kenzie Hornsby and Morgan McGuire; Volleyball - Eryn Wells and Taniya Haynes; Girls Basketball - Tania Haines and Mykia Jones

Tallassee Elementary School/Southside Middle School: Service - Bethany Smith; Leadership - Addison Grace Patterson, Shannon Davis, Patrick Ernest, Addison Wright, Autumn Barker, Eli McCraney, Dalton Davis, Walker Oliver and Henry Lin

Tallassee High School: Leadership - Emma Coyle, Grace Coker, Jackson Gantt and Jaleel Dumas; Academic - Dangelia Holmes, Malory Nichols and Anna Crawford; Baseball - Blake Schwab and Jacob Abbott Ingram, Football - Andy Baker, Tavarious Griffin and Thomas Battles; Wrestling - Cody Gilson and Mason Bell; Boys Basketball - Jaleel Dumas, Devin Lee; Girls Basketball - Lindan Oliver and Ciarra Sullen; Softball - Madelyn Martin and Lexi Love; Volleyball - Kayla Jolly and Belle Haynes; Soccer - Ruben Castenada and Braden Felts

Outstanding Season Basketball Awards: Reeltown High School Girls and Tallassee High School Boys

Heart of a Champion Awards: Cruise Johnson and Courtland Roberts