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Clockwise (from far left): Baxlee Burton, Kinsley Burt, Nicole Patterson, Hunter Miller, Belle Haynes, Bobby McCurty.

Graduation this week

By Georgia Anne Butler, Class of 2022

Tallassee High School graduation will be Friday, May 27 at 8 p.m. at J. E. Hot O’Brien Stadium. The Class of 2022 has 129 seniors.

Baxlee Burton is one of two THS valedictorians.

"We have had a crazy past few years at Tallassee from Covid to trailers," Burton said. "It's been interesting but I'm glad I got to do it with the class of 2022. I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else."

The senior class got accustomed to virtual learning during their Covid-era high school experience while working in portable buildings during the construction of a new high school.

Nicole Patterson is co-valedictorian with Burton.

"What I've learned throughout my high school career is that you can win awards and be popular, but that means nothing without friends," she said. "Friendship means the absolute most to me, and I could not have been so determined without my friends by my side."

Patterson and Burton are among the speakers who will address attendees on Friday night. Other speakers include; Hunter Miller, Belle Haynes, Kinsley Burt and Bobby McCurty.

After the ceremonies have concluded, a brief period for taking photos will be allowed on the field.

The Class of 2021 walking onto the field last year
Photo by Kyle Thornton