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New Year's event planned

By Michael Butler

Jan. 1 marks a new beginning - a new year. The iconic dropping of the ball in Times Square in New York City is a spectacle seen by many - most by way of television.

When the clock strikes 12 ringing in 2022, locals will have an option to celebrate with friends at an event in downtown Tallassee.

Grove Station, at 19 Sistrunk Street, is hosting its "Glitz, Glamour and Glitter" ball on New Year's Eve beginning at 7 p.m.


"Chef Amber came up with the name," owner Corrie Sid said. "We're throwing a bash. We're giving people a chance to dress up and get fancy. We're (having) a band. We're doing a shellfish station. I don't think people here are used to going out on New Year's Eve, so why not?"

The butcher and bakery market is new to Tallassee. It opened in September - and things are going well.

"We've learned a lot since we've opened on what we feel we excel at and what me might not choose to do again. Our model of making fresh everyday and coming up with new and creative concepts is drawing people in. We have quite a following of people that come in every single day. That's a great feeling."

Reservations for the New Year's event are required. For more information, click on the Experiences link on Grove Station's website.