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Schwab and the pooch

TFD rescues dog in drain

By Michael Butler

After a Central Boulevard resident's dog disappeared, she reached out for first responders to save the day. Members of the Tallassee Fire Department found the pet in a drain and safely returned it to its owner.

"The dog went missing on Thursday," TFD chief Eric Jones said. "On Friday (the owner) heard it crying. That sewer drain cover is in the dog's backyard."

Jones said the animal must have gained access through a runoff in a nearby creek.

"It wasn't wedged in there. It was just stuck because it didn't know to go all the way back out down toward the creek area. It took some time for it to come to us."

Brian Schwab was the fireman who grabbed the dog and handed him to other rescuers on the scene.

"Pets are considered family," Schwab said. "We are here to serve. (I'm) humbled to be a small part of this rescue. Thanks for all involved."

This is not the first rescue of a pet by the department.

"We rescued a couple of dogs that fell in old wells," said Jones.

Jones has not been a part of any cat in tree rescues however.

"The cat will come down. If it went up, it'll come down."