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Thornton joins the rec department

By Michael Butler

Courtney Thornton was a shutdown pitcher back in high school. He helped lead Tallassee to a state championship in 1995. Now, Thornton is getting back to his roots as the programs director with the Tallassee Parks and Recreation Department.

“In 1995, all of us guys grew up together. We played ball together from time we were seven. We had a really strong bond,” Thornton said.

Now Thornton has the opportunity to work with the recreational programs that feed to the school programs – the same ones he was a part of as a youngster.

“I want to be in this city. I want to help. What better position than programs coordinator?”

New Tallassee Recreation Department director and former programs coordinator Tammy Merrett  feels like Thornton will be the perfect compliment to her in the department.

“I want somebody to do things like I did it, but he doesn’t think exactly like I do. He’s got different things to offer. That’s what we need. We don’t need to be stagnant.”

Thornton thinks that he can broaden the scope of rec programs.

“I want to come up with ideas to bring people to the rec center other than basketball. We’ve got to figure out ways to get people in the door.”

Improvements have been made to the rec facility including a new heating and air system.

“We’re going to repaint,” Merrett added. “We have a multi-year plan to make things new and fresh.”