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Nolin with his daughter from the Class of '24 Avery
Photos by Kyle Thornton

Nolin reflects on school year

By Leigh Anne Butler

Tallassee City Schools officially concluded the 2023-24 school year with graduation ceremonies Friday evening at J.E. “Hot” O’Brien stadium. As Tallassee City School administrators and staff move into the summer months, important work is still ahead making sure things are in place for the next school year.

“As an administrator, once January rolls around your mind shifts into planning for the fall while still running the school year until May,” superintendent of Tallassee City Schools Brock Nolin detailed. “You start developing schedules, thinking about what the best schedule model looks like, what kind of classes you will try to add and what classes you may take away as well as personnel changes.”

“There is always change. That’s the only constant,” Nolin explained when asked about personnel changes.

“Right now we are in good shape. We had quite a few retirees (this year) but nothing like we had about three years ago when we had to hire 26 because we had so many retire. Everything is looking good right now.”

As far as funding personnel changes, Nolin added, “You have to look at the state allocated teaching units the state actually funds and then look at your local tax base. Fortunately for Tallassee, we have a good solid local tax base that allows us to carry extra teaching units at each school above the state (allotted ones).

“If you’re in a rural school district that doesn’t have the tax base, you’re pretty much stuck at whatever the teacher unit the state gives you,” Nolin elaborated. “They’ll afford you your math, reading, science and social studies. You’ll have four teachers per grade level and that’s it. You can forget anything like art, music, choir, band or anything like that. The extra curricular things our kids get to enjoy for a well-rounded education are usually supported by our local units.”

The Tallassee Board of Education recently adopted a new school calendar for the next school year. After the summer break, the first day back for Tallassee City School employees is August 1 with students returning on August 8 for the first day of class. You can view the 2024-25 calendar here.

Graduation jubilation last Friday