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THS plans for mobile setup

By Michael Butler

With the new Tallassee High School now in the construction phase, students will be in portable classrooms when the 2021-22 school year begins on Aug. 18.

"We'll have 17 modular classrooms," said Dr. Brock Nolin, Tallassee City Schools superintendent. "We did a beta test the last week of school with kids on campus and teachers occupying the mobile classrooms."

Although the main building built in 1929 is being replaced, some of the existing buildings on campus will also be utilized, like the annex, built in 1941. The facility is on the west side of the campus.

"We'll have 11 classrooms in the annex," Nolin added. "Several of the teachers that had classrooms in the main academic building moved over because we had some vacant classrooms."

The cafeteria, constructed in 1957, also houses music classes on the bottom level.

"It was renovated in 2003," Nolin said of the cafeteria. "We're doing some painting this summer."

The 1941 gym, also called the girls gym, old gym or wrestling gym, has classes in it as well.

"We have a family consumer science class in the back. This year we'll have a health science program in the back of that gym."

Physical Education courses will remain in the 1967 Stumberg Gymnasium, and it is getting a new roof.

"Everything that's in construction will be inside a construction fence," Nolin said. "We'll utilize the new parking lot. We'll have two means of access. They'll actually be able to come around to the back."

Completion of the new high school is still slated for 2022.

"It's like you're camping out for a year. The general contractor is still optimistic about July. The contract says September. I'm the pessimistic one that says get ready for December and trailers next year. I hope I'm wrong."