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School makes calendar changes

By Michael Butler

COVID numbers have peaked in Tallassee and the school system is no exception. Steps have been taken to curb the threat of continued spread.

"In light of recent surges in Covid-19 the TCS administration is making some adjustments," superintendent Brock Nolin said. "Please understand that this is not a decision that I, administrators, nor the TCS board have taken lightly; yet, we feel it is necessary to keep our students and staff safe while providing sound educational practices and facilities."

The biggest change was the decision to move to an all-virtual curriculum until the holiday break for high school students. The option to go virtual has been offered for students at Southside Middle School and Tallassee Elementary. Those opting to stay in the classroom will do so until Dec. 18. Coursework will be completed virtually by all students on Dec. 21 and 22.

"We had over 200 students absent (Monday). We had 28 students sent home with exposure," Nolin said of the Dec. 14 attendance numbers at SMS and Tallassee Elementary. "We just felt it was necessary to give that option. We're prepared to do both. A lot of it has to do with parents being able to work."

In addition, the A/B schedule will be reinstated when students return to their studies on Jan. 4. The A group will return to the classroom on Monday, Jan. 4. The B group returns the next day. Coursework will be completed on-line by students not on campus.

"We will continue this routine through the Lee/King Holiday," Nolin said in a release. "All students will return on Tuesday, Jan 19 to their respective campus."

All extracurricular activites have been canceled until January.

"The TCS administration will monitor cases and conditions during the rotational days. If the data supports an extension to the rotation, that decision will be made accordingly and with enough notice for all parents and staff to plan."