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Best pimento cheese derived from local recipe

By Michael Butler

A Tallassee born recipe is the best pimento and cheese spread according to Southern Living. My Three Sons Pimento Cheese was selected tops in the category in the magazine's June 2016 Food Awards issue.

Company owner, Cheryl Barnett (nee Mitchell), obtained the award winning mix from Linda Emfinger of Tallassee, known as Emmy to Barnett.

"I have enjoyed every single morsel of Emmy's food I've ever eaten, but there is nothing I have loved more or eaten more of than her famous pimento cheese," Barnett said. "I once tried to calculate how much of her cheese I had eaten over the course of my life - it exceeded my body weight so I stopped calculating."

The Spicy White Cheddar was the top pick.

Barnett grew up in Tallassee and now lives in North Carolina. Her product is sold in hundreds of stores across the U.S.

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