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More citations being issued on Gilmer

By Michael Butler

Over a 30-hour period from Feb. 7-8, the Tallassee Police Department issued 47 citations for speeding on or near Gilmer Avenue. That may not seem extreme, but it has not been the norm.

"Last month, we had 164 traffic stops - more than half on Gilmer for speeding. Only 18 citations were given," Tallassee Police Chief Todd Buce said. "We're having accidents. People complain of people using Gilmer as a race track."

The speed limit on Gilmer is 35 miles per hour for a stretch from Tallassee Automotive to Five Points.

"We've noticed the uptick on speeding," said Buce. "The large majority of the time we give verbal or written warnings. We've been more than kind and fair. Apparently the warnings aren't getting through to slow people down. We're trying to crack down to keep people safe."

Buce said during the zero-tolerance detail that officers have been instructed to not stop drivers unless they are driving 50 or above.

"A lot of people are going well above the speed limit. We've made it a point to aggresively enforce. Hopefully, it'll slow everybody down."

Court fees and taxes bring the minimum cost for a speeding citation to $163 excluding fines that might be imposed by a judge.

"There's not a dime that comes to the Tallassee Police Department from any citation or arrest," Buce added. "The officers that pull you over don't know any ticket prices. For the actual City of Tallassee, they get $17."

The city portion goes to the general fund.

"We're not out there trying to drum up revenue for the police department," Buce explained. "We're just 100 percent trying to make it much safer to travel in and through Tallassee."

Citation Fee Structure
Muncipal General Fund $15
Fair Trial Tax $16
POA Fund $5
State Drivers Fund $8.50
Crime Victim's Fund $2
State General Fund $21
DNA Database $11
Citizenship Trust Fund $1
Advanced Tech Data Fund $3
Municipal General Fund Etc. $2
Corrections Fund $38.50
Solicitors Fee $13
Circuit Clerk Fee $3
Municipal Judicial Admin. Fund $10
Circuit Judge Admin. Fund $2.33
Circuit Clerk Admin. Fund $2.33
State Judicial Admin. Fund $9.34
*Total (minus fine): $163