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Arrest draws attention

By Michael Butler

A Tallassee Police Department response to a report of gunshots has garnered attention via the internet.

Authorities responded to Rushin Circle and West James Street on June 19 after receiving the call. According to a TPD press release a large crowd was gathered on site.

"Contact was made with the victim who identified two possible suspects who potentially fired a shot in her direction," Chief N. Todd Buce reported in the release. "Officers identified black male Perry Jackson, (who) had a current outstanding warrant."

Jackson fled from officers after they tried to take him into custody. After a foot pursuit, he was apprehended. Then things continued to escalate.

"Officers attempted a pat-down search for any weapons, but Jackson continued to turn away and failed to comply with officers' commands to sit down in the patrol car. During the exchange, Jackson threw his cell phone striking the arresting officer in the face. At this time, the officer retrieved a taser from his backup unit and warned Jackson to sit down and comply or be tased. When Jackson failed to comply, the arresting officer deployed his taser."

A crowd at the scene captured video of the exchange which is online through a YouTube site called Alabama Tyrant Trapper. As of June 21, the post had more than 1,500 views.

Jackson was transported to Tallassee Community Hospital, examined and treated. He was then taken to Elmore County Jail on charges of failure to appear and harrassment.

Sequence of photos from YouTube video