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Missoula's production in Tallassee in 2015

Rumplestiltskin coming to town

By Michael Butler

Among Tallassee's biggest annual events are Missoula Children's Theatre productions. The touring theater company has been around for 50 years - and it has been making Tallassee a tour stop for more than two decades.

Last season, Missoula took a break from the nationwide circuit with the coronavirus outbreak. MCCT is back in 2022.

"They will have auditions at Tallassee Elementary School because we don't have the high school auditorium," McCraney-Cottle Arts Council director Jerry Cunningham said. "That might actually work quite well because it will be convenient for those students. Elementary through high school can audition."

Those auditions will be after school on Monday, Jan. 10.

"The bigger parts tend to go to the older students," said Cunningham. "They'll have students as young as five involved in it. They'll try to involve as many as they can. It's a great experience for the children who are involved."

Missoula's performance at THS in 2016

After parts are assigned, rehearsals will ensue each afternoon at TES. The performance will be held at the school on Saturday, Jan. 15.

"The people Missoula sends do a great job. They have degrees in theater. They're professional. I've been so impressed with how they deal with the children. They're very efficient. They know how to get the job done."

The production will be an adaptation of Rumplestiltskin and is Missoula's only tour date in Alabama this season.

"We'll be able to accommodate the people who want to come," Cunningham noted of the new venue. "Tickets will be accessible all that week."