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Hammock's first 100 days

Staff Report

In politics, the first 100 days in public office is an indicator of what is to come. Tallassee mayor Johnny Hammock discussed hitting the century mark.

"We've hit the ground running," he said. "My top platform was public safety. I think that we hit a homerun with Matt Higgins as chief."

Hammock wants transparency with a job that people are quick to criticize.

"It's my job to be a city manager of the day to day operations. I work with the police department everyday, the fire department everyday, the city works everyday."

Hammock was chosen to serve on the Economic Development Committe for the Alabama League of Municipalities.

"It's a good way to network. With this committee, ADECA is at a lot of these meetings," Hammock said, who is serving with councilman Terrel Brown on the committee. "Tallassee's very lucky to have two of us on there."

On council votes, Hammock believes in a philosophy that has been consistent with past mayors.

"In a municipality of under 6,000 which we are, the mayor has a vote. There's seven, an odd number. I will never vote unless someone is out or has to step back for a personal connection and ends up in a tie. I feel the council needs to be the governing body."

Hammock is well aware of the city's financial standing.

"We're $14 million in debt. I looked back with city clerk Barbara Garnett at past years. This time in 2010, the city was bouncing checks to banks in town. Here we are, seven years later, we're up $236,000. My job is to learn the most I can as quickly as I can and be a good steward of the money."

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