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Kervin discusses Handler visit

By Michael Butler

Jeanna Kervin was stationed at City Hall to hand out flyers promoting the upcoming production of "From the Heart Pocket... Letters and Music of the Civil War." Then Chelsea Handler showed up.

The celebrity was shooting footage for an upcoming production of her own, a documentary for Netflix.

"Chelsea Handler is unique. She wasn't really nice. She's provocative. She wants to anger you and push your buttons. She does that very well," Kervin said. "We thought she wanted to know about our production, but she didn't. She started asking about slavery."

Handler spoke with several Tallasseeans.

"She specifically asked me what did I think about the police officer that shot the black man that was running away," Kervin continued. "I do remember seeing that on the news. It was horrible and wrong. I said that. However, I did say that people need to respect authority and respect the police. She wanted to know why I thought police needed respecting. I said, 'because they're the authority.'

"I'm very concerned now of how she will pull and pick conversations. She is a professional."

Handler also asked questions about whether Kervin and others at the Friends of Tuckabatchee table knew any Jewish people.

"She said, 'Jews are white. Why don't you like the Jews? They're white people too.' We hadn't said we didn't like the Jews. She was twisting that. We talked about how we're one big family, and we all get along. We don't have those attitudes that the rest of the country thinks that we do."

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