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Grove Station opening nears

By Michael Butler

"The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker..." The familiar line from the nursery rhyme applies with a new locall business on the butcher and baker part. Grove Station will be opening soon as a butcher shop and bakery in downtown Tallassee.

Corrie Sid is the proprieter of the shop at 19 Sistrunk Street that is slated to open to the public within the next few weeks.

"Because we have multiple components to our business model, we will slowly open each segment to ensure we get our business model right and can support our customers to the best of our ability," Sid said. "We are excited to bring Tallassee and Central Alabama something pretty unique as fas as culinary concepts go and yet the business model is complex, so bare with us as we test this market and ensure we offer the right items in our butcher shop, bakery and market."


In the meantime, Sid is seeking qualified personnel who might be interested in joining the Grove Station team.

"We are looking for folks highly interested in growing their culinary skills in baking and butchering," she said. "They can contact me through email or online: Grove Station Open Positions."

The 5,000 square-foot space has two levels that will be utilized.

"We will sell fresh and marinated high-end cuts of meat and seafood out of the butcher shop and we will sell small treats from the bakery. At lunch time the butcher shop will serve deli style hot sandwiches from the grill out back. Customers will also be able to pre-order prepared meals from the smoker and grill for pick up, like a weeknight dinner for the family. The bakery will offer custom cakes, pies and cookies, including wedding and themed cakes.

"The mercantile will carry local goods such as honey, jams, milk and yogurts, but also gourmet wares such as local artisan dish towels, serving dishes and baking equipment. We also plan to sell whole bottle select wines and craft beers."

Catering is also a part of the business model.

"We will offer catering externally for any size event, but we will also use our upstairs loft space for private and curated events. The upstairs is a 2,500 square foot, two bedroom, two bathroom loft-style apartment with a double island, chef’s kitchen and dining table that seats 12. The loft can also be rented for overnight stays, but our ultimate plan is to rent out the space for private dinners as well as dining experiences hosted by Grove Station. We will be able to host 24-36 people seated upstairs for endless experiences, from cooking classes to tasting dinners, from mixology to paint night. You name it we can and will create it. It will not be a restaurant experience like many folks in the area are used to."