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McCain announces intent to run again


George McCain, former mayor of Tallassee (2008-12), seeks the office of mayor in the 2016 elections. A 22 year resident of Tallassee will run on his record of the many accomplishments he and the city council achieved during his administration.

Among those, to name a few, were great improvements in water and gas infrastructure. "Some politicians say that people can't see it, but I say they can feel it! I am a statesman not a politician," said McCain. During his administration there were end-of-life vehicles in public works and police departments which were replaced when the maintenance costs were so enormous. New specialty equipment was put in force to allow public works to hone in on underground problems.

McCain was successful in bringing new retail to Tallassee and there were 450 new jobs created in both retail and industry during his adminstration. "I was always looking out for new opportunities," McCain said.

"We were successful in being awarded grants which included the infrastructure improvements, turn lanes on Highway 229, the walking trail, water pumping station on the east side and the eventual awarding for warning sirens, to neame a few," added McCain.

McCain, as mayor, was chairman of the board for Advanced Disposal (2008-12) and Central Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission (2009-12). His experience in general contracting, banking, law enforcement, Chamber of Commerce and 14 years of state and national government affairs experience, as well as four years of mayoral experience provide the knowledge to run a city government successfully.

"I have so many things I want to do to make this city a community of choice in all areas that I will allude to in my campaign ads," he proclaimed. "My prayer is that I will be re-elected as the city leader."

The 2016 elections are slated for Aug. 23, 2016.

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