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Golden with fellow firefighter and son Sage

Fire department seeks recruits

By Michael Butler

The Tallassee Volunteer Fire Department is always "looking for a few good men" - to quote an advertising slogan used by the U.S. Marines. Rick Golden has served with both the Marines and the TFD.

"I've always been drawn to the service type stuff. I like the comraderie, the teamwork, the brotherhood," said Golden, who is now a captain with the Pike Road Fire Department. He has been involved with the Tallassee Fire Department for 18 years.

"Sometimes you're going to interact with people when they're quite possibly having the toughest day of their life. We fill a need there. That's what we do. Our slogan is the few serving the many."

Before he had a license to drive a car, Eric Jones started working with the fire department. He is now chief of the TFD.

"I was 15. I'm going on 17 years," Jones said. "My brother (Travis) started when he was 15. Sometimes he would run all the way to the fire station."

TFD Chief Eric Jones

Following in his older brother's footsteps, Eric took over as chief in February. Travis served as chief of the TFD for seven years and is currently a captatin with the Fort Benning Fire Department in Columbus, Ga. He remains involved with things in Tallassee.

"He couldn't stay away," Eric said. "We have a strong group of guys, but we really do need new guys."

There are approximately 30 firefighters on the Tallassee roster.

"There is a need for volunteers," Golden added. "Volunteerism is down across the country. If you're looking for an opportunity to maybe get out of a rut you're in, change your life a little bit or do something new, we'd love to have you come on board."

Golden was working at Tallassee Mills when he was recruited by Jeff Baker years ago.

"Jeff was on the fire department and invited me," said Golden, whose son Sage, like him, has made firefighting a profession. "Sage is a full-time firefighter at Fort Benning. The point of recruiting is to replace yourself. I'm getting older now. I'm 56. I need to find people that will replace me."

For more information, visit the Tallassee Fire Department Facebook page or visit the station on Tuesday nights at 6:30, located at 123 North Ann Avenue.