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Mayor Hill (left) at the recent Christmas parade with Linda Mosher, who filled her role on the city council

Hill discusses first six months in office

By Michael Butler

Sarah Hill is nearing the half-year mark of her tenure as mayor of Tallassee. Hill moved over from the city council to the mayor's seat on July 1 after Johnny Hammock stepped down.

"As a council person, you're one of seven," Hill said. "Working as the mayor, you're the first person that deals with an issue and you refer it to the council. It's been an interesting changeover."

Hill stated that she has been hearing good things so far.

"I choose to look more positively. I've gotten a lot of feedback. There's not a lot of drama. There's no Facebook issues. There's not any kinds of negative news stories."

There are several big projects ongoing.

"People are really excited about the changes they're seeing," said Hill. "They're excited about the mill. We've discussed the bridge. We're about to bid out the downtown streetscape project. I know it's going to be so beautiful. Go to Wetumpka. Look at how that's grown and flourished."

The time frame of completion of such projects is dependent upon the contractors, Hill noted.

"As soon as they can get to work. It's up to them - what jobs they have that they're finishing up."

The Benjamin Fitzpatrick Bridge is getting a facelift also.

"They're going to do some improvements to the structure," Hill added. "They're going to resurface. They're going to replace the chainlink fence and paint it as well."

What could become the biggest project of all is the cleanup and development of the east side mill property.

"There was a lot of disbelief that anything could be done to it," Hill said of the structure that burned in 2016. "Getting it cleared off has really opened it up. They've got some large equipment. They plan on coming back to Tallassee and giving a presentation."

Hill spoke of some of the ideas for potential use of the waterfront property.

"A wedding venue overlooking the water. They're working with Alabama Power discussing the possibility of a riverwalk. They have not made any decisions, so don't take me as the gospel. To have someone so energized and excited has made it easier. We're enjoying reaping the benefits."