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Some of the overgowth has been cleared on the east side mill property

Mayor talks about city improvements

By Michael Butler

Tallassee Mayor Sarah Hill is encouraged about the future of the city. Improvements are being noticed by residents.

The new $21 million high school will be a finished product in 2023.

Work has begun on the once bustling textile mill that became an eyesore after a 2016 fire left it in ruins. Plans are to develop the property after the estimated $7-8 million in cleanup costs.

Downtown renovations are also underway to the tune of $1.5 million. Phase one of the three-phase project includes utility relocation.

In addition, $3.5 million is being invested in a state funded Benjamin Fitzpatrick Bridge paint and rehab project.

Light poles have been replaced already
Downtown work began in the spring

"I'm really excited," said Hill. "You're seeing the progress."

The new high school is now expected to be complete in 2023

Hill addressed the Mt. Vernon Mills Transformation Project.

"They're going to utilize whatever structures remain. They're going to save our history."

The group has created a Facebook page for those interested to track their progress.

Downtown improvements have been discussed for years but work is finally coming to fruition. It will include demolition of the condemned Hotel Talisi.

"As we move forward getting the hotel down and the streetscaped, you're going to see amazing progress."

The bridge work is slated to begin in 2023. Traffic will be limited to one lane once work begins.

"We're a town on the move," Hill said. "That's great."