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There will be no Trade Day this fall, but plans for a concert are in the works for next spring

Chamber planning spring concert

By Michael Butler

The Tallassee Chamber of Commerce board of directors have put Trade Day on the shelf for 2017. Now, the group is exploring the option of a concert.

"Trade Day will not happen this year," executive director Michone Roye said. "That doesn't mean it's gone forever. We're just trying something different.

"We will be having a spring concert to kind of replace Trade Day. We've got a lot of good ideas. I really begin it's going to be a great event."

Roye said, there will be an opportunity for vendors at the concert, similar to what people expected to find each year at Trade Day.

"We will send out notifications to those that have been to Trade Day when we get closer to that time," she said. "Hopefully, you'll still have an opportunity to come and vend your wares here in Tallassee."

Tori Suggs and Caroline Herring are working on the concert planning.

"We're looking at maybe at St. Patty's Day themed event. Sometimes in March is what it's looking like," Roye added.

The Chamber is still planning on a fall event with its downtown social.

"We trying different things. We want to bring more people into our downtown area. We've got some great retailers."

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