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City turnover continues

By Michael Butler

Several changes over the past year have led to numerous personnel moves for the City of Tallassee.

Most notably at the top, Johnny Hammock stepped down as mayor on June 30. His replacement was immediate. Council member Sarah Hilll was appointed to the position the very next day.

The city council is now reviewing possibilities for Hill's replacement to join them.

There are various other jobs to be filled. Some employees are already in place.

While Hammock was serving as mayor, his title as head of utilities was removed. Longtime city employee James Garner took over.

In the past, it was a given that the mayor's position went hand in hand with the utilities position.

"James Garner knows more about the City of Tallassee's utilities than I could ever possibly even think about learning in three years," Mayor Sarah Hill said. "I think he's doing a marvelous job. I do not want to take on that mantle."

Police chief Matthew Higgins stepped down at the end of 2021. On May 23 of this year, Todd Buce filled the void.


Also near year's end of 2021, Andy Coker resigned as city building official. Trey Taylor was offered the position on Monday, July 18. Tallassee Fire Chief Eric Jones has stepped in to assist with code enforcement.

"The council voted to appoint him," Hill said of Jones. "He's been doing a very good job. He rides around in his duties as a fire department chief, looking at different structures. He said he was willing to take on some of those issues."

The city recreation director's job is also about to be vacant. John Goodman is leaving the post on July 22 to go back to work with the Tallassee City School System.

"In talking with the Parks and Rec Board," Hill said, "there is a question of whether or not we're going to refill that position immediately or make that program director position a little bit different."