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Grant to help with demolitions

By Michael Butler

The City of Tallassee will be cashing in on a grant to help raze a slew of dilapidated houses. Mayor Johnny Hammock noted that hundreds could be demolished, but the $250,000 from a Community Development Block Grant will not cover them all.

“It will be used for demolition of unsafe structures in Tallassee,” Hammock said. “We’ve taken down 12 or 13 since I’ve been in office. That’s more than the previous ten years. I’d like to take down more. We know they’re out there, but it’s just a money situation.”

The city’s match is $25,000 raising the total to $275,000 to apply towards the demolitions.  Hammock said the average is about $7,000 to tear down a mill house.

“That’s projected to do about 27 houses, give or take.”

Those numbers can vary depending upon factors like asbestos abatement.

“Carrville area, East Tallassee area and Jordanville area have the most. Those are older neighborhoods. A lot of the houses that we’re going after are around 100 years old.”

Hammock said that a lot of the structures are vacant and starting to fall in.

“We’re going to try to do our best to spread the love and get some all over town.”