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Johnny Borders leads riders on a lap commemorating the life of his son Chase
(Photo by Courtney Davies)

Riders pay tribute to Chase

By Michael Butler

Chase Borders was a young motorcross rider, following in his father's footsteps. He cut his teeth at Monster Mountain, a 200-acre track in Tallaseee.

It was the day after his graduation from Tallassee High School when Chase suffered a tragic accident on the track. It would confine him to to a wheelchair for the remainder of his life. That was ten years ago. Chase Borders died on Feb. 9. He was just 28-years-old.

Monster Mountain's Tom Brinkman wrote about Chase on his Facebook page.

"He was paralyzed from the neck down when he crashed at Monter Mountain while practicing. He fought through a seven-month coma, beat a devastating lung disease,' Brinkman recalled. "When the doctors gave up on Chase and told Johnny in June of 2006, 'He’s gone. You need to let him go,' Johnny never gave up on Chase. His friends never gave up on Chase. His family never gave up on Chase, and Chase never gave up on Chase. He inspired people from Austin to Australia with his courageous fight – determined to play the hand he was dealt in a way that few others could – with courage and humility. God bless Chase Borders."

Johnny and Chase Borders
(Photo courtesy of David Harris)

Last weekend, approximately 300 bike riders turned out to Monster Mountain to participate in a memorial lap for Chase. Johnny Borders, Chase's dad, led the parade after spreading Chase's ashes over the track. His wheelchair was put at the starting gate for the day's activities.

David Harris was a photographer who shot pictures of Chase during his motorcross days. "(Chase) was a great rider. In an instant, from MX racer to quadriplegic, he fought through numerous health complications over the years. He was one fast dude."

Courtney Davies commented on Chase and his legacy. "Chase had an impact on people worldwide. (He) was an inspiration to so many," she said. "The videos from the event have already been shared hundreds of times."

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