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Sir Charles: Charles Barkley has brought a lot of attention to the state of Alabama especially with the Auburn/Alabama rivalry.

Barkley was one of the best to ever suit up from this state. The former Leeds and AU product has made a name for himself in the NBA and on television.

This past week, Barkley announced that he would be giving up his broadcasting duties after next season.

Barkley's transition from the game to the TV screen has been a good one. He has 25 years to show for it.

Some of his time on the court got him in hot water. He's had his moments in front of the camera too.

I recall when he spit on a young girl attending one of his games. It was unintentional. He was aiming for a heckler.

Sir Charles has always been outspoken. That's fine. And, I have no issue with someone speaking their mind. It's hard to find those who will because of the fear of offending someone these days.

Most of the time, I've agreed with Barkley's sentiments. Recently he talked about how NIL is ruining college sports and that Auburn needs to quit calling him asking for money.

I'm sure Barkley has given his fair share back to his beloved university.

I see Barkley most during his coverage of the NCAA Tournament not the NBA. The TNT crew of Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Shaquille O'Neal and Barkley are my favorite studio team.

And Barkley alone might be my favorite analyst regardless of sport. He can step outside of basketball and dish it out with the best of them too.

He has been complimentary of Nick Saban even though he has coached all those years at Barkley's bitter rival. Barkley just might be the best proponent for the Iron Bowl in the national eye.

What will he do when retirement hits? I can't imagine he'll go away completely. His voice might not be dispersed as much, but I hope Barkley still pops up to opine on the ways of the world. We need more like him.