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Most Heated Rivalries: It seems that I come back to this one too frequently, but it does go on 365 days a year. The debate of who has the best rivalry seems to always come down to Alabama/Auburn (my pick) or Michigan/Ohio State.

The latter usually wins out from a national perspective, but those who stake that claim don't live here. The "Iron Bowl" is on the pysche of most folks here (true sports fans or not) a good bit more than in Michigan or Ohio.

I've not lived up there, but I've got a few friends who have. While "The Game" is big, it's not the only thing. There are the Lions and the Reds and the tons of other professional sports options.

When we address the two big college rivalries battling out for No. 1, we're exclusively looking at football. In addition to these and others like Texas/Oklahoma and Army/Navy, there is Duke/North Carolina. It's a great college basketball rivalry. As for football, it's not on the radar.

247 Sports recently listed the most-heated rivalries in college sports. Michigan/Ohio State was No. 1. Bama/Auburn came in at No. 2. Duke/UNC (in hoops) was third.

I got to thinking about the Iron Bowl in other sports, although really it's only the Iron Bowl in football. Basketball with the Tide and Tigers has always been a distant second to the game played on the gridiron, but it's gaining ground.

It did not make the top ten on the 247 list. Lousiville/Kentucky is the only other basketball rivalry that was ranked. That's based on tradition. It is also based on interest.

Basketball is bigger than football in Kentucky and North Carolina where these programs play. It is definitely not here.

We still have fun with the 'other' sports when Alabama and Auburn go at it.

Much was made of Auburn winning the SEC Tournament in basketball, while much was made of Alabama reaching the Final Four in the same sport. In both cases, much was also made at the rival school's expense.

We have that back and forth all year with this rivalry. You just don't get that elsewhere in the sports world.