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School Spirit: 'We've got spirit. Yes we do. We've got spirit. How 'bout you?"

It's one of my favorite high school cheers. At Tallassee it's been a staple for years and with good reason.

Apparently Tallassee has school spirit. I've always believed that but don't just take my word for it. Here's what Verbena High School posted on their Facebook page about last week's Central Regional in softball.

"Tallassee and Helena had the most school spirit. Tallassee's whole school must have been at the game."

There were a lot of Tallassee students in attendance. It beats the classroom right?

Our kids do make some noise. They did on the recent trip to Mobile for the state baseball playoffs.

Our fans can be vocal in good ways and sometimes not so good. Every fan base is guilty of the latter. It just shows their passion.

We've outnumbered home teams in crowd support many times. That too tells of the strong sports following for THS.

Let me tip my cap to a lot of schools who have similar backing, not just the aforementioned Helena. Our neighbors and rivals at Reeltown and Elmore County come to mind. They've got good fans who suport their teams.

I like to see it on both sides. It definitely livens up the atmosphere. There's nothing worse than being at a game with nobody there to cheer on their teams. I've seen that as well. I've counted (really counted) less than 50 on one side at high school football games.

We sometimes see it with our opponents, but it's very rare to have low turnouts from Tallassee fans regardless if it's at home or on the road.

Be happy to accept the compliment from the Verbena poster. It's certainly worth cheering about.