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Super Bowl Review: We had another game that came down to the wire. The stuff outside the game almost never lives up.

The NFL is built for competitiveness unlike some of the other professional sports. The salary cap keeps the Cowboys from winning it every year - like the Yankees (oops -that doesn't always apply).

College football has its disparity. Ask TCU.

All we can hope for is a game that comes down to the finish. 58-point routes devalue everything - especially those second half ads - still running at more than $5 million for 30 seconds.

Looking back over the past ten Super Bowls, only two have been routs. The others have been relatively close. This one was no exception.

In the end, we're complaining about the officials. Don't we do that with everything?

The playing surface at State Farm Stadium also took its fair share of criticism.

Here are my highlights and lowlights on the game, commercials, entertainment and all the rest.

The best thing that happened was Damar Hamlin walking on the field. Hamlin's miracle of life story has been the story of the season.

I preferred Babyface's "America" over Chris Stapleton's "National Anthem." Although Coach Sirianni was moved to tears by Stapleton's version. Was it that bad?

The Alabama connection was notable - Hurts to Smith. Or was it the Alabama/Oklahoma connection?

My favorite ad may not even be deemed a Super Bowl ad because the game had not yet started. It came right before kickoff. It was the cat playing NFL theme music on piano for YouTube's Sunday Ticket. It was the funniest ad. We don't do much "funny" anymore.

A close second to me was the Blue Moon ad. I thought it was clever. They gave us a stereotypical beer ad with a couple of other brands and surprised us with their logo in the end.

Most of the ads were movie trailers again. Purchasing $6 and $7 million dollar spots during the Super Bowl is a status symbol of bravodo for corporate America. "Look at me! I'm on the Super Bowl - and I can afford it."

The same is true for the celebs who show up. "Look at me! I'm at the Super Bowl - and can afford it."

Speaking of affording it - the Hunt family was in the limelight a bunch. The owner had his trophy wife on display. And the couple and their daughter were shown quite often on camera.

The halftime show was just alright. I'm not big on today's music. Sorry. I don't dislike Rihanna. I know most of her songs.

She did little dancing. The woman is pregant. More than one person mistook her for Chiefs coach Andy Reid.

Speaking of Reid, the Chiefs have a no-interview policy at the half if his team is trailing? The NFL allows this? Reid did speak after the win. Terry Bradshaw said, "Waddle on over here." He may have meant Rihanna.

Congrats to Reid and Patrick Mahomes - gimpy ankle and all. Mahomes was the difference. We did get an epic battle of the NFL's top players this year.

It comes down to who has it last. Advantage Chiefs.

This game did give us a combination of old-school football (slightly) with the way the game is played today.

Nostalgia first. You can still run a quarterback sneak. It works!

The contemporary game. You have a touchdown but you slide down purposely at the one to avoid scoring. It works! Chiefs win!