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Spring Break Time: While the NCAA Tournament rolls on, spring football practice has begun in several places.

In the SEC, LSU gets the Brian Kelly era started with its first work this week. He's still be working on that southern accent.

Meanwhile, Coach Ed Orgeron is vacationing in Cabo. The now former Bengal Tigers coach said that he will take a year off before considering a return to the sidelines.

I still would love to see Coach O in the broadcast booth or behind the desk as television analyst. Can you imagine that? It would require subtitles.

Orgeron was paid his $17 million buyout. He already had millions in the bank. This is the nature of the game.

Coaches sign up for the scrutiny that comes with this business - it's not all rosy. Yet when they succeed their agents get them tremendous deals and a lifetime of financial security.

When it doesn't work out, they still get paid - kind of like professional athletes with exorbitant contracts.

Coach O is not alone among coaches who have cashed big checks after being dismissed. Gus Malzahn is one. After Auburn, Gus doubled up with another deal at UCF. Nice.

I think I'd probably go the Coach O route though. Why rush back into it. Take a moment and take in the millions. Travel and refresh. Cabo sounds like a good place for it - at least during Spring Break.

It's like the 'what would you do' if you won the lottery. Most of us would pay off our debts. Then comes the fun stuff.

Would you buy that Lamborghini? It's just a couple hundred thousand. You'd still have $16 million and change.

Let's do some traveling. You could go just about anywhere for a several month-long sabbatical. No sweat. Still got millions.

Enjoy that break Coach O, even if you get some heckling from the spring breakers.

Once he's sowed the wild oats, Coach O will be back. Saban Rehab? I doubt that, but he'll surface again. Maybe it'll be in the SEC.

In the meantime, we'll miss his grumbling and exclamation at the end of interviews of, "Go Tigers!" If you've just got to have it, Tasmanian Devil cartoons will have to suffice.