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World Series: Generally speaking, when you refer to the World Series, it involves a baseball or softball diamond. No offense to the World Series of Poker.

Major Leauge Baseball doesn't have complete ownership of the term. It applies at a lot of different levels.

College teams play in the World Series in baseball and softball. And, it's what most of the youth leagues call their championships when you've gone as far as you can go.

The Little League World Series has been a spectacle in Williamsport, Penn. for as long as I can remember. One of the best promos for the event was highlighted in the intro to ABC's Wide World of Sports for years.

Cody Webster was shown in his Kirkland, Wash. team's "thrill of victory" moment in 1982. The shot was iconic. The U.S. beat Taiwan putting a halt to their five-year run of World Series championships.

Many youth level championships - most in fact - don't get to a worldwide level or even nationwide. In high school sports, the champs are usually on a statewide level.

That's why this opportunity to play for the Babe Ruth World Series Championship has to be so special - not only for the 13-year-olds on the team - but the entire community that is rooting them on.

You're not traveling to a state or regional venue, it's New York. Young teens from all over the country will be competing. These guys are going to experience something they'll always remember.

We've heard those same kind of accounts from the guys who preceded them. There have been three previous World Series representatives from the little town of Tallassee.

Although this team is competing for the community's first championship at the Babe Ruth level, we've seen a few other teams win World Series before.

In baseball, the 1987 Tallassee 12U team was the Dixie Youth Baseball World Series champion. Two Dixie Youth Softball teams took the top prize as well, the 8U girls in 2014 and the 10U in 2015.

The support from so many for this 13U bunch has been ovewhelming. When the "Negative Nellies" come out to talk about what's wrong with Tallassee, you can point to this to show what's right.

Good luck to all the guys. You've made us all proud.

Football Picks: Next week in this space, I'll start picking "winners" to an assortment of games each week throughout football season. But why should I have all the fun? You can join in too.

Click on this link, to be a part of the prognosticating. You can see how you stack up with the rest of the forecasting world. Don't take yourself too seriously though. I surely won't.