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SEC Projecions: SEC Media Days is this week. We're about a month away from some football - and I'm ready for it.

I was flipping through the hundreds of TV channels last week attempting to find something worth watching.

The SEC Network was doing their takeover days and it was LSU's day.

The game on the tube was last year's Florida game in the foggy "Swamp." This was a matchup of the 2019 national champ and a 2020 national championship contender.

LSU was 15-0 in 2019, but entered this game at 3-5. The Gators were 8-1. A loss by LSU would've put them in rare company - of dubious distinction.

The last national champ to follow the title season with a losing record was Ohio State in 1943.

Well guess what? There was a shoe toss, "20 yards down the field" according to the white hat and a 57-yard game-winning field goal as LSU pulled the upset.

The Bengal Tigers ended up 5-5 last year, avoiding the losing season after forgoing their bowl invite. The Burrowless Fightin' Orgerons were down, but can they rise up again in 2021?

Will coach Mullen don the Darth Vader costume again en route to the SEC Championship Game?

How will the new coaches fare - Harsin, Heupel, Beamer and Lee? If Alabama can run the gauntlet of an all-SEC schedule with three top-five Heisman finishers, what will they do for a follow-up?

Here are my picks.

SEC East
1. Georgia 11-1/8-0
2. Florida 10-2/6-2
T3. Missouri 8-4/4-4
T3. Tennessee 8-4/4-4
5. Kentucky 6-6/2-6
6. South Carolina 4-8/1-7
7. Vanderbilt 3-9/0-8

SEC West
1. Alabama 11-1/7-1
2. Texas A&M 10-2/6-2
T3. Ole Miss 9-3/5-3
T3. LSU 9-3/5-3
5. Mississippi St. 8-4/4-4
6. Auburn 7-5/3-5
7. Arkansas 5-7/2-6