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Hail to the King: Alabama won another national championship. How many is it now? I've lost count. Is it 18? It's 13 in the AP era right? Whichever number you choose - it's impressive - and especially this year.

It is No. 7 for Nick Saban, his sixth at Alabama. Coach Paul Bryant had six - all with the Tide. All that Bryant stuff in Tuscaloosa will one day have a hyphen attached; Bryant-Saban Stadium (Sorry Denny), Bryant-Saban Museum or Bryant-Saban Drive. Maybe it will become Saban-Bryant Stadium, Museum or Drive.

National title trophies aside, whether you're keeping count or not, Nick Saban is the greatest. He paid tribute to Coach Bryant in stating that the tradition helps with what is happening today.

In the poll era, Saban is the first to win six titles in a dozen years. Bryant won six over a longer span. It was 18 years. That was unprecedented in the poll era until Monday night.

I think it was after Bama had won back-to-back in 2011 and 2012 that I said, 'Enjoy it. It won't last forever.' It won't, but I said that almost a decade ago. Nick had won "only" three in T-Town then. He's added another three and who knows when it will end.

Even at 69, some good years are probably still in front of him. You can make the case that this might have been the best coaching performance in his illustrious career.

Years back when the talk of expanding the SEC schedule from eight to nine conference games was discussed, Sir Nick was in favor of the extra game. He was alone.

In 2020 he got his wish, if you want to call it that. The SEC is supposed to be a gauntlet. You need some cupcakes to get through the grind. Bama made the 'mighty' SEC look easy with a 10-game slate.

They ended up playing 11 conference games. The worst two teams in the league (Vanderbilt and South Carolina) were not included. Alabama's only game not won by double digits was for the SEC title against Florida.

The Tide walked through the CFP too. They were 9-4 vs. the spread. That included some crazy numbers. The average point spread was 22 points per game. The offense was that good putting up 49 points per contest.

Vegas has already put Alabama on the board as the favorite to win it all in 2021.

Saban has evolved with the times, much like Bryant did. He hasn't had the signature shutdown defenses of late as some of his earlier teams that collected rings. But who does anymore?

He called this offense dynamic and they were that. I don't know if there will ever be another trio like Jones, Smith and Harris. They were unstoppable.

And why is this possibly Saban's best coaching effort? He kept this crew together. There were no opt outs. And it worked out for everybody.

Do you think Heisman winner DeVonta Smith regrets not turning pro early? How about Najee Harris? The experience was just that - an experience. There were no complaints to be heard of on the Capstone.

Mac Jones got his time to shine and did. His idol Tim Tebow made a good point. To paraphrase - this day and age guys want instant gratification. They don't want the competition. They want to play right away.

Mac Jones didn't jump ship via the transfer portal when he was third string. He embraced the competition, got better and made the most of it.

Jones broke the all-time record for pass efficiency and QBR. So much for what Joe Burrow did just last year.

Chemistry is everything. Saban had it with this group and he's smiling more and more these days. Enjoy it. It won't last forever. Well, it might actually last longer than you think.