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Media Days Countdown: SEC Media Days returns to Hoover in July. Last year, the event made a pit stop in Atlanta. Commisioner Greg Sankey said other locations are being considered for the future.

I've been attending this event every year for the past two decades. I'll admit that I enjoyed Atlanta last year. The College Football Hall of Fame is a fun experience for avid fans, but Media Days belongs in Hoover or Birmingham. It is the "Football Capital of the South" - or at least it used to be.

Hoover happens to be the geographic center of the Southeastern Conference. It's not Houston or Dallas or St. Louis or Orlando. These venues are all possibilities according to Sankey.

I really don't have a problem with Atlanta as an alternate spot. They did move the SEC Championship game to "Hotlanta" from the "Magic City."

The SEC offices are headquartered in Birmingham and it's convenient for the media. It is supposed to be Media Days.

Most of the media that cover this event on an annual basis drive to it. The hub for SEC representation is Birmingham. The primary coverage of those in TV, newspaper, radio, etc. come from towns in bordering states like Jackson, Knoxville, Columbus and Jacksonville.

I don't see many folks from St. Louis or Dallas. If it were held in one of those spots it might change, but I doubt it. Those places are pro cities, as is Atlanta. The primary interest in Hoover or Birmingham is college football - and it really isn't close.

What's wrong with keeping the annual "Kickoff to College Football" where it is? The Masters is the greatest event in golf every single year. They don't move it around like the other majors.

The best promotion the conference gets is this precursor to the season ahead with its 1,000 plus members of the media that promote it to the fullest.

ESPN will still cover it regardless of where it goes (it's become their event), but the numbers will drop considerably for those who have to travel 1,000 miles to get there.

I expect the commish will address the possiblities of where the road may lead real soon. Who knows? He might even reveal the next site, ala NFL commissioner Roger Goodell with the next draft pick.

Stay tuned. We're back on the road via I-65 in a few weeks.