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The Rivalry is Still Alive: Despite the so-called fans that claimed that they were pulling for Auburn in the Final Four - the Alabama/Auburn rivalry has not lost its luster.

There were those Alabama fans that came out of the woodworks stating that they were pulling for Auburn and the SEC. Besides, it's good for the state - ha.

How many of those same fans were crying after Virginia's Kyle Guy made those three free throws? Even if there was no celebration by them, there still had to be a little chuckle at Auburn's expense in that moment.

And there's nothing wrong with that. If you're an Alabama fan, you can't really pull for Auburn - and vice versa.

How many Auburn fans were pulling for the Tide during their recent defeat in football at the hands of Clemson? They were loving every minute of it.

That's fine. That's what a rivalry is supposed to be.

How many Tide fans have shared the premature Toomer's Corner celebration video on Facebook and Twitter? They also shared the Auburn Basketball post that Auburn had beaten Virginia 62-60 and had #unfinishedbusiness.

We love social media. It's like a train wreck. We can't help ourselves. We just have to watch.

Alabama fans were providing support to their mourning brothers - all in tongue and cheek. There were those too that were mocking them and having fun at their expense, much like the other side did with the aformentioned Clemson debacle.

There's no big difference in the two and that's fine. Again, that's a rivalry.

Auburn's play-by-play man Rod Bramblett tweeted about the season that now is history.

"The pain is deep and will last longer than most, but so proud of these young men," Bramblett posted. "There are a lot of fans whose school has never reached the Final Four."

Even Bramblett, a professional, couldn't help but take a dig. That was not intended for UAB, Troy or South Alabama.

So, the rivalry lives on and we move on to spring football this weekend. A-Day games are in Auburn and Tuscaloosa on Saturday.

Alabama plays at 1:00 on ESPN2 and will also be broadcast locally on 1300 WTLS/106.5 FM beginning at 12:30. Auburn kicks off at 3:00 on the SEC Network.

Tubby for Senate: Former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville is entering the world of politics. Tubs is running for US Senator.

He is not the first public figure from Auburn to show interest in public office. It's been rumored for years the Charles Barkley would make a run at governor.

Barkley has stayed out of the political ring. A move back to Alabama as governor would be a huge pay cut.

The question is, can a player or coach from one school win the statewide vote. We know that college allegiances really shouldn't impact political elections, but we're only human.

There are a lot of Alabama fans that don't care much for Tuberville. I doubt they've forgotten his six-fingered salute during his run as coach vs. the rival school.

I can't wait to see how this thing turns out particularly in certain locations. How many votes will Tuberville get in Tuscaloosa County? If Nick Saban ran for office could he win Lee County?