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Super Show: It's time for the annual Super Bowl recap with trumpets blaring and rousing fanfare.

Congrats to Belichick and Brady on their sixth together. Odds are that they'll be back in the game next year. This was the Patriots third straight Super Bowl trip and their fourth in five years.

Most called the game itself a bore, I guess because the lack of scoring (the fewest ever in 53 Super Bowls). The under guys are happy. The over/under for total points was 56.

The over/under for the length of the National Anthem was 1:50. Gladys Knight sang the final word "brave" at 1:49. Then she sang it again creating a dilemma for the Vegas folks.

Overall, I thought the NFL used the event and its setting as a PR piece. It was evident throughout the broadcast. Image is everything. I need not explain.

Commercial Time: Ad prices are always at a premium. Roughly $5 million will get you 30 seconds of air time. Here are a couple of the ads that caught my attention.

Bon and Viv got the first in-game ad. The stuff is called Spiked Seltzer. Yes, alcoholic water. Really?

Bud Light ran with a theme of "no corn syrup." Is this what really concerns a guy who imbibes with a cold one. Yes bartender, barley and hops but no corn syrup please.

Then there's the robot who works out but can't take in the spirits (the low calorie Michelob ULTRA). Are we supposed to have a 'tear in our beer' over this?

And what's up with roller coaster of emotions in the ad pitches from sappy to funny and back to sappy again? We just want funny. And we didn't really get it.

In addition to beer and robots, most of the remaining ads were movie trailers and car spots.

They had a kid from Carrville do the voiceover for the Kia ad. I liked the Audi E-tron best. And guess what? They're bringing back the Toyota Supra!

The local station gets about three minutes of avails. And the ads are a little cheaper than $5 million. We're still inundated by personal injury attorneys but no Shunnarah - thank God.

In Conclusion: The best thing about the Super Bowl is that it kicks off at 5:30, not 8 like the College Football Playoff does in its finale. I got to bed at a decent hour.

I enjoyed the 17-year challenge especially of Belichick and Brady. Tony Romo did predict a field goal miss. And they still haven't covered Edelman - the MVP.

Awkward. It's the only word to describe the Tracy Wolfson attempt to interview Tom Brady after the game. It appeared that she had been trampled in the mass of cameras, microphones and shoulder pads.

She emerged like a chihuahua nipping at Brady's cleats, and instead of asking a question decided to give a commentary of the game. Come on! That's what we want from him.

Kissing the Lombardi is a tradition that has become a post-game tradition. Joe Namath got to escort in the championship trophy with puckering lips pecking the prize. I could've sworn I heard Joe himself mumble, "I want to kiss you."

Robert Kraft got to follow the boos aimed at Roger Goodell with a slurred speech that most surely had to give Broadway Joe visions of Suzy Kolber in his head.

So, we have no more football (I don't count spring) until next season. Wait, what? The Alliance of American Football kicks off on Feb. 9. Alright! I've still got few corn chips and some leftover salsa in the fridge.