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Boogity Boogity Boogity: It was the 60th running of the Daytona 500 on Sunday, the "Super Bowl of NASCAR." Did anybody watch?

Yes, the race is about like the Indy 500 is to open wheel racing. Now, NASCAR is about as popular as INDYCAR. That might be a stretch. Nobody watches INDY.

The numbers are dwindling for NASCAR too though. Yes, of course people watch the biggest race with Daytona, just as they do with Indianapolis. But, the numbers don't lie. Ratings and ticket sales have been on the decline.

Look at a Sunday race and look at the empty seats. Try to watch a Sunday race. There are more commercials than race time it seems.

NASCAR was the fastest growing sport a decade ago. My how times have changed.

This year should be interesting. The sport is minus its most popular driver. Dale Earnhardt Jr. has retired. He did serve as Grand Marshal on Sunday.

Earnhardt was the fan favorite for 15 years running. He had as many fans as all the other drivers combined.

He took his father's place. Who will take his? Ryan Blaney? Kyle Larson? Ha!

There were rivalries back in the days of the elder Earnhardt with Elliot, Allison and Petty. Give me a good rivalry today.

Those were the good ol' boys and they had to be replaced. Guys like Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart helped carry the torch, but they're gone now too.

In this column a few year ago, I said to be a fan you have to pick a driver. I've been without one for a few years and can't come up with a good replacement.

I guess Sundays are pretty much dead anyway now that football is over. If you need a good nap, check out a race. Best sleep you can get.

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