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Rules Changes: I don't care much for the constant rule changing in sports. I've made no bones about it. Call me a purist if you want. It might just come with aging.

When college football came up with the two-point play for defenses on botched extra-point tries, I didn't like it. I still don't.

If a team scores to tie a game in the final seconds and has a kick blocked and returned, they lose. An extra point should be a one-point play. That's why they call it an extra point. The team that gave up the touchdown shouldn't have a chance for a three-point turnaround.

The NFL made a recent change with its extra points. They made them more difficult. The beef was that the kick was almost automatic, so the PAT went from a chip shot to a 35-yarder.

In Super Bowl LI, the Patriots missed a point-after. They had to make up for the miss with a two-point play later. Thank goodness they did. We got overtime and the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.

Again, the kick is supposed to be easy, not a game changer. It almost was on the biggest stage. I don't like the rule. The NFL considered counting TDs as seven points and foregoing the kick altogether, just as we do in backyard football.

That leads me to baseball. The MLB has opened talks of instituting an automatic intentional walk rule. Like at many of the other levels, the pitcher can put a batter on first by just signaling to the umpire. He doesn't have to throw a single pitch.

If this were the case in 1976, the "Bad News" Bears' Kelly Leak would've been put on base and not tagged out at the plate. We would've missed out on one of the most climactic finishes in all of sports.

Major League Baseball wants to speed up the game. Although the game is "America's Favorite Pastime," it apparently passes too much time.

Foster Go Home: Alabama's Reuben Foster was sent home early from the NFL combine. Multiple reports claimed that Foster had an argument with a hospital worker.

In the incident, the hospital worker apparently took a stand after a threat from Foster. Who is this man?

Reuben Foster hits about as hard as anybody between the sidelines. He's not somebody you'd want to agitate or make cross.

Who might stand up to him? There is Deontay Wilder, the heavyweight boxing champ. Chuck Norris and Clint Eastwood come to mind. Don't forget Nick Saban.

Then there is this hospital worker. He's got guts. Or he needs to see another hospital worker. He might just need his head examined.

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