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Norris (left) with brother-in-law Patrick Norman during the Team Alabama title run in 2014 for softball

Norris back in USA uniform

By Michael Butler

John Norris is back at it again. The Tallassee athlete is headed back to the Special Olympics. This time, the USA Games are in Orlando, Fla.

The last time Norris competed was in 2014. Those games were in New Jersey. Norris and his brother-in-law Patrick Norman returned home with gold medals as part of the Team Alabama softball championship.

Back to today. While the opportunity to be the best is within reach again, it will be in a different sport - basketball, which Norris says is his favorite.

"It's inside," he added, noting the difference in temperatures during competition.

This will be Norris' first visit to Orlando as he will get a chance to take part in the Disney experience.

"We've got a theme park we're going to," said Norris. So there will be some pleasure with the business at hand - bringing home another medal.

"We play on Monday morning," added Norris, who turns 46 on Sept. 28.

Coverage will be available through the ESPN App and other ESPN platforms the week of June 5-12.


Norris (No. 25) and his teammates during their 60-22 win over Maryland on opening day Monday
Photo courtesy of Finlay Witherington