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Game Time Friday 6/15
1 6:00 A Prattville Vs. B Millbrook
2 7:30 C Montgomery American Vs. D AUM
Saturday 6/16
3 6:00 A Prattville Vs. E Tallassee
4 7:30 B Millbrook Vs. C Montgomery American
Monday 6/18
5 6:00 D AUM Vs. E Tallassee
6 7:30 C Montgomery American Vs. A Prattville
Tuesday 6/19
7 6:00 E Tallassee Vs. C Montgomery American
8 7:30 B Millbrook Vs. D AUM
Wednesday 6/20
9 6:00 E Tallassee Vs. B Millbrook
10 7:30 D AUM Vs. A Prattville
(a) After Game 10, if two teams are tied for first place or second place, the two teams tied for first place or second
 place shall play a 1 game playoff in game 11.for first and second place.  If two teams are tied for first the 
winner of game 11 will be the District Champion and the loser will be runnerup, both can advance to the State 
tournament in Oxford. 
(b) After Game10, if three teams are tied for first place, the tie breaker rules will apply to determine which team
 draws a bye to Game 12 and the remaining two teams shall play in game 11 for the right to meet the team
that drew the bye to game 12.  The Winner of game 12 will be the District Champion.  The losers of  
game 11 and 12 will play in game 13 to determine the District 5 runnerup and can advance to the state
Tie Breakers
Rule 1. Head-to-Head Record Between Tied Teams
Rule 2. Least Runs Allowed Between Tied Teams
Rule 3. Least Runs Allowed For The Tournament 
Rule 4. Most Men Left On Base For The Tournament
Rule 5. Coin Flip
Note:  Apply each tie breaker rule in order until you break out a team; then, apply each
 tie breaker rule in order for the remaining teams until you break out a