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Crossing guard asks for "respect"

By Michael Butler

Not even a full week into her new job as crossing guard, Sandra Brown has already been flipped off and cussed at. It could be a long school year.

Brown works the crosswalk above Southside Middle School on Jordan Avenue in Tallassee.

"People come up the hill doing about 45 and 50," she said. The school zone speed is 25. "The bus automatically has the right-of-way. Come on people of Tallassee. I'm not out here for my health. I'm here to get the kids across the street safely."

Brown is doing her job when she throws her hand up for people to slow down but to little avail many times.

"I hear them curse. They shoot birds," she said. "I tell them to slow down so you won't hit somebody's child. This might not be your kid, but it's somebody's kid."

Not only are children at risk, Brown is as well.

"I am. All of the school crossing guards are. It's not like school opened for the first time this year. Tallassee's system has been going on for years. It's not that you just got a crossing guard today. You've had them for years. All I ask is to respect the speed limit. Respect the kids crossing. Respect us as school crossing guards."

It seems like simple rules to follow, but not for everybody.

"I see 10 or 15 on their phones every morning," Brown added. "If you're running late for work, get up early."